Ideas For My First Ever Car? - Budget £1000

    I've recently passed my driving test (at last!) and now I'm looking to buy a car, don't mind if it's a 1L as I'm looking to pay the least amount possible for insurance too.

    Don't know much about cars but I'd prefer having a car with power-steering, any ideas of any cars or any websites I can hunt down some? Looked on Autotrader but nothing appeals to me, prefer the car to be Black or Dark Blue.



    Although your budgets low dont go for the cheapest thing - you need something thats going to last your a few years and is cheap on insurance -- wouldnt get a car older than 1996 as you will need the mod cons nowadays otherwise your car is going to annoy you --

    Could just say the norm everyone does
    Peugeot 106
    Ford Fiesta
    Vauxhall Corsa


    Dont get a car thats done over 50k miles
    Make sure it has a cigarette lighter for your sat nav
    power steering

    But try to get something unique to you and yes you are going to need power steering as otherwise you wrists will hurt like hell after driving up a 7 storey car park

    You can get a Daewii Matiz 2000 for about £700 with all the modern stuff
    bit ugly but oh well…r=W

    or you could go for
    Fiat Punto 2001 for about £1k…r=X

    If you wanted you could get a old mini although they dont have anything really in them

    Renault clio 1999…r=V

    Ford KA

    Low fuel, low insurance, reliable and quite nippy when required.

    I'de add to the list a nissan micra, the older shape one, very economical, nice small car for a first driver.

    Dont worry about mileage too much, most engines are reliable nowadays, especially diesels.

    Take a look on parkers price guide and similar sites to see pro's and con's with each car (take with a pinch of salt though) and also look on these sites for the frequent problems to expect.


    i have a peugeot and it was the worst buy ever!!!!! paid 4k for it last year as my 1st car and need to take it to the garage every other week cos the engine warning light is on constantly!!! they keep telling me its something different and charging me over the odds...then it will come on again about a week after...not impressed!


    don't worry about it being under 50k miles
    under 80k will be fine
    and as for power steering - your be fine without it aslong as its not a fiesta unless ur a girl den i would make sure you get power steering

    also if ur male stay away from ka's and micra's as there more of a females car

    I'd recommend that you worry a lot less about age and mileage and concentrate on a long MOT. Something with 12 months MOT is worth a lot more than a low miler in my opinion and it gives you some peace of mind.

    Car wise, i'd recomend a Corsa or a low-end Clio. You should get something in your budget. Also, don't just rely on Auto Trader. Places like your local Gumtree can also throw up some good bargains.

    I also just passed my test and have a little clio.....already cost me £130 and it's going in the garage on Monday to get more done to it!

    Get a bus pass :thumbsup:

    suzuki swift.. very cheap & reliable ( & nippy). if something does go wrong can be expensive though.. but it wont .. japanese reliability & all that !


    Ford KA Low fuel, low insurance, reliable and quite nippy when required.

    Yes they are, i drive one, :thumbsup:

    Yep, pass on the clio. I had a 51 plate ClioSport, typical french car, problematic electrics. pass pass pass...

    Don't worry about looking 'manly' in the car, for 1k your never gonna be a stud


    VW Polo good solid little cars ;-)

    Inspect any car u want to buy really really well and stay away from french cars..there not so good as they age

    Dont get a Peugeot they have a bad rep well everyone i know who owns one swears blind they are not very reliable.

    Japanese cars like Nissan are good as they were built with engineering in mind (thats from experience) but then you also have to pay higher insurance costs and parts are tad bit pricey too

    its a bit decision price or quality reliability

    Get something with a long MOT - this way you know there should not be anything majorly wrong with it. Inspect the car as well. Go mainstream - Fiesta etc etc, as parts are dirt cheap. When I had my Fiesta, anything went wrong I went down the scrap heap and would replace it for pennys. Low engine size, central locking, immoboliser, alarm etc will bring your insurance down as well.

    Check out the toyota corolla VERY RELIABLE AND CHEAP PARTS !!!

    If your not driving out of town id suggest a nissan micra very nippy.
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