Ideas for toys..... needs to be suitable for a "brainy" child!!

    Babes loves to use her brain, looking for ideas for toys to provide her with a challenge!
    Normal trains, cars, dolls, etc she gets bored with and flings them, whereas a 25p bath toy clock, where she puts the numbers in, well shes well happy with!

    If any of you parents have any clues, please show me some links etc.

    Not fussed on price, and shes alot older in the head than her 20mths body! Takes after her mammy!
    Thanks guys


    try childrens laptop-my 3yr old son loves it
    or give her one of the writing board/easel.

    try one of the aquadraws…FT4

    usually for 3 and upwards - great fun

    Vtec toys like shape sorters
    Duplo & Stickle Briks
    Musical Instruments

    Early Learning Centre are always good for this sort of thing


    DS brain training

    Something like ]this might be good.

    Are you sure she's yours LLM?

    rubiks cube
    or chess

    get her a leapfrog fridge phonics and later a word whammer-the best toys my brainiac had.

    baby einstein stuff

    Original Poster

    Got the fridge phonics, aqua draw and the mega bloks. Jigsaws are a good idea, simple but good thinking Any more?

    A 5000 piece Jigsaw, Dont forget to take 2 pieces out, that will really F*** them off

    How old is she hun?

    Oh ignore me I see lol!

    Can she throw and catch a ball yet? If not this skill is probably one you could concentrate on teaching her. Children can often throw before they can catch successfully but it's around this age they are capable of doing so.

    How about language? Is she talking in complete sentences yet? You may want to think about activities/toys that encourage language and vocabularly acquisition.

    Physically, is she potty trained yet? How about toys around potty training... books, potty, star charts etc.

    All things that take into account her welfare xx

    Try her on this

    I can recommend Orchard Toys at for great educational jigsaws and games. Our daughter liked the farm puzzles and the box of people with different clothes that you match up.They are really lovely toys.

    Also you could look online or request a catalogue from these people:
    They tend to have stuff that you don't always see in the shops.

    The best things to buy are ones that you can play with her as it realy is all about the attention and input she gets from you at that age.

    Happy shopping!

    Playdough - it great

    Early learning has clickety babies/princesses and puppies - my lil one liked them. They got hats and outfits that click on and off.
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