Ideas needed for 2 day mid-week UK break

Found 9th Jun 2008
Hi all,

Me and the lady both have next tues and weds (17-18th) off work, and were planning on getting a cheap eurostar deal to lille, but sadly my passport is so damaged it will likely not get through customs (....shes not too happy about that).

So, as a result I am trying to find something decent to do / somewhere to go for these 2 days, in the uk.

As its only 2 days, and I live just north of london, Scotland is not an option, as its too far.

Any ideas?!?!
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Scotland's not that far!!! Only 45-60mins flight from London!
U can use Driver's liscence 4 domestic flights.:thumbsup:

:-D Hope u find somethin 2do
Don't go to Hoar Cross Hall or Eden Day Spa, I went last tuesday for the 3rd time and they ripped me off big time. I don't drink tea or coffee which are the free drinks, so instead of offering orange juice or another cold drink instead, we had to pay for them. Also I suffer panic attacks so although I'd took diazepam to calm me I ended up ill and my mom had to come and collect me, so the hair dressing appointment I'd paid £32 for (cut and blow dry rip off), they only gave me 50% refund, and when they did they messed it up and added it onto the bill- trying to charge me over £40-odd. The £1.50 payment which they add on as like a tip was charged at over £2 and they didn't even ask if I wanted to add it on- they just did!!! I am so peed off. My boyfriend paid £125 for the day there and it was naff- really ripped off big time.
Head for somewhere where there's lots to keep you occupied (so oh doesn't have time to moan about passport etc.. !! )
ideas ]here

and ]here hope these help have a good time
have you ever been/ considered coming to Nottingham? It really is a beautiful City with lots of history, fantastic shopping, tons of hotels,etc.
Overlooked by quite a lot of folk due to the bad press re: gun crime but blown up(excuse the pun) out of all proportion. The Old Market Square in the City centre has recently been modernised, we have Nottingham castle, The Galleries of Justice, and with more pubs, bars and restaurants in one square mile than any other European city you wont have far to go for a night out! Also only a short drive to the countryside , I live less than a 15 minute drive from the city centre and we are surrounded by beautiful countryside) with Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Pines, Clumber Park, Rufford Park and loads more!
Just a suggestion fo a couple of days away!
Why don't you use the 1 day turnaround passport service, it means you have to go to your loocal passport office, and last time I looked it cost £94, which isnt a lot on top of how much you have to pay for a new passport anyway.

You'd make the saving over the 2 days buy holidaying out of rip off britan for those 2 days.

edit- same days costs £114 which is about 40 quid more expensive than those with a 3 week turnaround.
Bath - lovely.

Cotswolds - beautiful.

Oxford or Cambridge?

all good.

Bath - lovely.Cotswolds - beautiful.Oxford or Cambridge?all good.

cambridge cambirdge cambridge! oxford's naff. :thumbsup:
go punting, look round the uni's, have a picnic, visit duxford air museum, (it's a bus journey away) visit ely cathederal (train journey away)
what about

Langar Hall near Nottingham is well worth a look for a midweek break. Check out the Special Offers.
There is a link to their website on this page.
Wow - thanks all for the replies!!!

Cant say im too keep on nottingham, partly for its bad press, and partly because its nowhere near the sea, which i think the OH would prefer.

midjet66 - sorry to hear of your bad experience. for me a spa's a no-no anyway!

As oxfords only up the road, its not really a proper 'trip', so will pass on that, thanks.

To be honest, while i do appreciate historic and beautiful surroundings, i do get tired of museums / old buildings a bit too quickly!

I think the plan may now be loosely based on a trip to either chessington WOA or Drayton Manor (anyone know which is best for adults?) on the tues, and possibly a trip to the beach on the Weds.

Thanks again for the replies - i'll let you know whats decided when i speak to OH tonight.
Your welcome Boris :thumbsup:
Like you we live just outside London now and Southend is suprisingly good now I think. They have an Adventure Island theme Park, with rides for both adults and children, with no queues. The beach is beside it and it has a nice shopping centre. You can get cheap travel lodge rooms on the southend seafront too. They also have an aquarium (hve not been to it). I had not been in years to southend and went because of a friends sugguestion.
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