Ideas please on mathematical fancy dress

Found 25th Jun 2009
I need to think of a mathematical fancy dress. I googled it and the only ideas i came up with were snow white or goldilocks. Has anybody any other ideas, something easy as i have got to sort it for tomorrow


we have this too, where you live lol

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down south, what have you come up with??


down south, what have you come up with??

me too lol - rough area?

nothing yet

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rather not give any specific info if you dont mind

What the devil have snow white and goldilocks got to do with maths??? I'm intrigued!!!!
Best of luck with this little gem!

Mathematical fancy dress? You mean like snow white and the seven dwarves?

Not sure I follow this!


What about a pie: π (3.14159.......)


3 blind mice?

Queen Elizabeth 1st
Henry 8th

who does the numbers on sesame street? would that do?

101 Dalmations


who does the numbers on sesame street? would that do?

The Count Ha ha ha

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Like you i have no idea what it means, i assumed too that it was the 7 dwarves and 3 bears for the ideas i found. Thanks for the other ideas, with any of these im not sure how im going to do it for tomorrow

well we have maths week, so fancy dress needs to be number related in some way

not sure buot op


domino or dice

great idea


The Count Ha ha ha

Omg, I love the count... vonn vonn liddle peeeg ah ah ahhh

A playing Card

Ace of Hearts etc

Go as a prozzie.

Divide legs
Add willy

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Thank you for all your ideas, i dont know which to go for but i will go and look at their clothes and see which i can make a costume out of easily. I have a dalmation dog so if i can make her a cruella outfit then we may be making progress. Then there is my other child so i will look at the card or domino ideas for her

I think i have a good one, what bout El Nombre from the mathematical childrens program. He is basically a mexican mouse, all you would need is a sombrero and drawn on whiskers.......

a lab coat with mathematical equations written all over it, absentminded professor, my daughter did that for halloween couple of yrs back. so easy was a hit.

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Thanks to all of you, we managed to throw a domino costume together and a snow white outfit.
Ive given rep out to most but some saying i need to spread it out like you loupomm, which seems a little strange since i havent given any rep to anybody in ages
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