Ideas to do for a new baby - Things to look back on

    My wife and I have just had a baby boy and is already 4 days old. Do people have any ideas as to things to capture now before it's too late. Obviously I'm gonna take loads of photo's and videos but wondering what else people have done.

    Things like buy the daily newspapers from the day he was born on.

    Let your imagination roll...........



    Footprints / Handprints- you can get them done in clay or buy a blank canvas and make paint prints.

    Just enjoy every minute of it and congratulations!!

    I got the local paper and the times on the day she was born, also the number 1 single in the charts.


    congratulations ...
    You could also buy royalmint coins of this year

    also their is a pottery shop near us.... so got foot prints and hand print on cups.

    hospital wrist/foot tag

    i still have all my kids coil clamps :lol:

    I got a nice handprint/footprint & frame from home bargains for £1 just before Xmas.
    Lock of hair? (to see how much the colour's changed in a couple of months!)
    Take lots of pics & keep a diary/book to add all the new little things he does everyday!



    also the number 1 single in the charts.

    or not :roll:

    Being a pretty cool dude that i am and with child due in May i have taken the following steps...

    obtained a small 1080p camera
    setup a Youtube account (private channel) and invited friends/family to it.

    Now assuming google doesnt go under if anyone wants to know what he/she looks like or gets up to or he/she asks "dad what did i look like when i was young" i can just email them the link!

    Of course i expect there are more important things for me to be doing but i am a geek and figured capturing life in 1080p is a good idea.

    Oh and i will teach them that the charts mean nothing and educate them on good music stored in a lossless format on my it wrong to have a squeezebox in a nursery? ...i even have a IP camera with motion detection setup so i can watch them on my iphone or laptop or even the TV ....and the info is recorded to a NAS but over written every 2 days........
    perhaps i need to get out more.


    or not :roll:

    you can't help what is numbert 1

    Casting kit definately - don't be tempted by really cheap ones. I got a mothercare one with putty clay (it's not that easy to do so great to be able to roll it up and try agin). Also had space for a photo along side.

    Great for grandparents too.

    Also a canvass print............... they look fab!!!! when you're quiet put the little one in a few different outfits/ nappy and take loads of close up shots until you get a good one. Wait for a good deal on canvass prints.....

    Keep first shoes and outfits... i have my sons first leather slip ons. So sweet.


    You can get thumb prints done in silver to wear on a necklace etc

    We also got mugs & plates with our kids hand and foot prints on and had a go at doing some prints at home with finger paints - messy but fun!

    Keeping the outfits they were first it etc is also nice as you can see how tiny they were!

    I have considered creating a facebook page for both of the kids so friends can tag them in and record moments with the kids but wasnt sure how quickly facebook would date

    Hope that helps and congrats!

    Take one photo a day in the same pose till they are a year old and see how much they change daily. I wish had done this. If you could print them off and put them in a album in the right order.

    Congrats x

    We had one of those 3d Crystal pictures done of our son when he was a baby. Its fantastic, really captures him and you can see the front and sides, we also got keyrings done for the grandparents so they could show him off too.

    When he was born, he was given a little wooden keepsake box with his birth date etc, inside we have both his and my wrist tags, his cord clamp, all the little cards off flowers, folded up helium baloons, his first dummy and his very first sleepsuit. All the things that remind you of the birth.

    My partner got all the papers for the day he was born and his grandma got together a collection of coins released that year as well (yr 2000 so was special).

    There is loads you can do, wish I'd done the picture thing, but you just get too busy in the early days.

    we bought special stamps from royal mail with our cheeky chappy on them .also a two pound coin made on the date



    Take one photo a day in the same pose till they are a year old and see … Take one photo a day in the same pose till they are a year old and see how much they change daily. I wish had done this. If you could print them off and put them in a album in the right order. Congrats x

    or you could create a time lapse video…o_Y


    when something really important happens on the news , capture a video of your kid with the item on in the background `accidentally` . a friend of mine did this for real and it has reallyy appealed to their kids over time , a sense of history going on . : )

    Our friends did this for our first born, they put in simple things like newspaper, stamps, coins, and a ps1 game, till recipt from Tesco! Hello magazine. I cant remember what else, good luck.

    Cheesy soap mag, funny to see years on hahaha

    congatulations :thumbsup:

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    As you can imagine I have been busy most of the day with visitors and dirty nappies!

    Some good suggestions. I will def get No.1 CD if it is the Hati one, no Jedward, imagine trying to explain that to them in 16 years time............once there we two really annoying irish....... better say any more ;-)


    i got my sons foot and hand casted by magic custard ltd when he was 6wks old the haad his bum casted i looove babies bums think they are so cute, i also got the number 1 single when he was born, newspaper and although its taking me a while i am saving the coins that are dated 2004 i also have a scrapbook that starts from his scan pcture and ends with him blowing the candle out on his first birthday, i added all pics of his 1sts, i am doing one now for his first year in school. another thing i have done was got some paint from elc and blank canvess from wilkos and every year so far have painted his foot and stamped it on the canvess and have tried very hard to do it around the same date every year..... yes i am a physco mummy lol

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    I definitly like baby scrap books. My mum is quite arty so have asked her to do it for us, we are just going to supply the photos etc. I have been looking back at my own at it is really great to compare!

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    I'm taking a photo on the 16th of every month ( born on 16th ) and then having it made into a calender for next year which I shall keep for her in her treasure chest, her myself, her dad and her big brother have also written a letter to her, to describe how we all felt when we found out I was pregnant, how we felt when she was born etc.
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