Ideas to do my own candy buffet ie where to get sweets and containers...oh and any other party ideas much appreciated

    Its my boyfs 30th b day party and I just can't think of anything unique to do. I had a quote for a baileys drinks fountain but they wanted £199 plus I would have to supply the Baileys! I also asked them for a candy buffet quote but cheapest was £250. If it was a wedding I wouldn't mind so much but it is only a party in the rugby club.
    I looked at Casino'sbut they are a but boring. Cant think of anything else. Anyway, back to subject....Does anyone have any recommendations where I can buy about £100 worth of sweets and most importantly cheap various containers to put them in?
    Thanks Gem xxxx


    Do you have a cash & carry close by?
    sweets are usually cheaper there in bulk

    lol, sounds like your big kids at heart , love it ! , drink fountains you can buy for about a tenner nowadays so you could but a few of them and a few bottles of baileys for well under £80 , imo, and seems as you wanna go with the sweet thing have you thought of a few pinatas maybe ?? just fill them with a loada sweets,hang them up all round the room , get everyone p**ssed from the drinks fountains then watch them have fun taking turns to bash the pinata until the sweets fall out AND then even more fun watching them scramble on the floor to pick them up !!, lol, got to admit only done these at my kids parties ( kids love em ) but im sure it would be a laugh and something different for adults ( drunk ones , hehe ! ) good luck x

    Ps you can get various shaped Pinatas in tesco,home bargain etc about £7 each with the bashing stick and blindfold (optional) included, then just buy a load of bumper bags of sweets ( from same places ) fill them and away you go !
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    +1 for cash and carry to buy all the sweets and they might even come in massive containers or have them there too.
    Could you buy or rent normal chocolate fountains and just put Baileys in them instead of chocolate? What would you plan on dipping in it?
    It sounds like it's going to be a great party.

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    Lol awww thanks guys. I just want to spoil him a bit. I dont think there are any as Macro shut down. Oh hang on yes my boyf mate has a bookers cash and carry card.....sorted!!! Thing with baileys fountain is it had little lips so you could catch your baileys. I am a bit worried if people try and get some baileys it will go everywhere lol.

    try a cash and carry for sweets, or check round supermarkets and pick up some diffrent deals.

    Ikea is good for little bowls and containers, or somewhere like B+M / home bargains or even £1 shops

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    Yes didnt think of poundland!Thanks wow I am so thick sometimes. I will try local cash and carry :0)

    I have loads of sweet dispensers (The ones you see at pick n mix places) but they're not cheap! I'm selling a £15 per box (RRP £25). Not sure if thats too much for what you're after.

    Original Poster

    Far too much

    It's my 30th in a couple of months and I've been desperately racking my brain to think of what to do. Don't want to spend mega bucks but would like to get everyone together
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