Idiot "neighbour" complaining about parking - need good response!

Posted 6th Feb 2010
I live down a "close" of a new build estate. Like with most new build estates, parking has been kept to a ridiculous minimum. We have about ten houses down our road and ten parking spaces so when visitors come around, they have to park further up the road or around the corner.

There is one idiot who lives across the road from the entrance to our road who has recently started putting notes on peoples cars and yelling any people who park near his house. The weird thing is no one is parking directly outside his house, they are on the other side of the road so I can't really see what his problem is.

Anyway, my boyfriend just arrived and had to park opposite this idiots house and as he was walking down the road this guy came out yelling at him not to park there. My boyfriend just ignored him but I am really angry.

It is a public road, no double yellow lines and it is across the road from his house. When he has friends round they park anywhere they like and no one says a thing!

He is still out there now and me and my boyfriend are going out so need to walk back to the car, I know he is going to have a go so I need a response as if I don't think of something to say I will probably just end up yelling at him!
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