I have been on my orange contract now for 3 months and a set up an account with my partner so that the paper work would come to my address but the payment for his contract would come out of his bank account and my bill out of my own bank account. now the stupid twits have been taking both payments out of my account which is totalling £93 i have other direct debits going out of this account so i dont have £93 spare and have now become over drawn. after this happened i went into the shop and explained and they said they had fixed it for me.Yet again £93 has come out of my bank account and im ovr drawn, barclays are taking £30 for each day i dnt have the money in there, im going into the orange shop tommorow to give them a right bollocking! am i liable to get the money back off of orange seeing as its there fault for making this mistake???



    bank will let you off if you ask nicely

    why dont you get the money off your partner and pay it in. oh and what snkz said
    but i agree they can be a bit crud sometimes

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    my partner is in the army so i only see him now and then.....i hope they let me off, im only a student :'(


    ive had this before, go to barclays online and cancel both direct debits. or go into the branch and cancel them.
    orange will then write to u to ask u why u havent paid, then u can explain your situation.
    they will refund your money if its rightly owed to you. (as long as it abides by your t&cs in your contract, they wont come up with anything new)

    i work for orange business (not retail or personal mobiles - more networking etc...) and i know what a pain they can be - esp billing and accruals, as they have more than one system that works on it. this is a result of various mergers and aquasitions, rather than merge systems, they have left both running side by side.
    silly really, 300k employess, think they would have this sorted out!!!
    still, good company to work for despite customer services issues. :whistling:
    let me know how you get on.

    edit: also, you can ask orange to refund payments but doubt you will get far.
    and, ive just re-read your post, i didnt think you could set up dual payments for one bill...........correct me if im wrong. my situation to clarify was that i merged two accounts into one but was still getting billed doubled the amount (i.e. two direct debits, one for 2 lines, and the other for the line that was supposed to be merged with the other). plus, barclays will also have to refund as they are penalising you £30 a day, which puts you further into the red, and they cant do that (by law?). several people have successfully claimed money back of barclays due to similar scenario.


    why dont you get the money off your partner and pay it in. oh and what … why dont you get the money off your partner and pay it in. oh and what snkz saidbut i agree they can be a bit crud sometimes

    i work for them but i have to agree sometimes, i get aggravated by them also! outsourcing call centres i still think isnt the best way foward.

    Having witnessed at close quarters the Orange's commitment to customer care, there's no way I'd touch them with a bargepole.

    Don't start me on muppets at Orange, bunch of thieves.

    As already said, if you explain the situation to your bank they will often wave the late fees in this sort of situation.

    I believe you are actually covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee here. If you have any problems with your DD, your bank is required to return the monies immediately and recoup losses from the DD originator.

    "If the originator or the bank/building society makes an error, the customer is guaranteed a full and immediate refund of the amount paid." - I have lifted this from the DD Guarantee.

    orange should rightfully refund your bank charges as they were caused by orange's incompetance. But please remember, as orange is now a massive international firm and it's customers mean nothing to them, that this will be all your fault as you must have given them the wrong information. and if you dare to suggest that maybe it was the fault of an orange adviser - oooohhhhh, that'll be it. they'll cut off your phones and come round and beat you over the head with a 3 day dead mackerel.

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    just got back from the orangeshop, the manager wasnt in so i have to go back tomo grrrr. well for each day there not osrting this is out,they will have to pay for the money barclays are taking out for being over drawn! thanks for your responses
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