IE7 Question.....

    Is it just on my laptop or does it make all webpage text VERY blurry and hard to read? I've just done a side by side test with FF and IE7 and the text in IE is seems VERY hard on the eyes. So if anybody has IE7 and FF, can you go to Google and compare the results in both browsers and post an opinion? Cheers :thumbsup:


    try going to microsoft and set your cleartype settings…spx

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    try going to microsoft and set your cleartype … try going to microsoft and set your cleartype settings

    Cheers for the link, but it hasn't made it any better :-(

    Yeh ie7 text is more blurry to me than ie6 and firefox. Guess its just how it is...

    Not sure if it can be changed sorry

    It uses some kind of anti-aliasing. So does Firefox on mac but it looks a bit better...

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    Ah sod it, whats the newest version of Firefox?

    version 2 proper full version

    or version 3 beta is available i think, but obviously its still in testing

    I found you get used to it, I use ff because IE is awful, but I was working somewhere before Xmas where I was having to use IE7 and found at first the text very blurry - but after 2 or 3 days it was fine, the text that it...browser was still a pile of ****.

    I hardly ever use IE7. I use Avant mainly, but like Maxthon too. I think they are superior to Firefox.
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