If an XBox 360 is banned on Live can I still play other games offline?

Posted 16th Dec 2013
If I acquire an XBox 360 that is banned on XBox Live, can I still play any games that I have purchased on disc? Does the ban only affect you if you have paid membership of XBox live or are there any other things the ban will stop you doing?

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When your console has been banned, you can't sign in to Xbox Live or download ... You can, however, continue to play games offline on a banned console. Here's how:

Physically disconnect your network cable or remove your Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adaptor from the console.
You will have to turn off automatic sign-in so that you can play games offline. To turn off auto sign-in:
Restart your console.
Select No if you are prompted to update your console software.
Press the Guide button on your controller.
Go to Settings, and then select Profile.
Select Sign-in Preferences.
Set Profile Auto Sign-in to "Off".
Press B on your controller to return to the Xbox Dashboard.

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It will stop you doing anything that uses "Xbox Live".

Playing offline does not involve Xbox Live.
Yes, you can do. I think you can still update the software just not sign in online and obviously play online.

I had one for ages I got cheap.
Thanks everyone for your responses.Very helpful indeed.
If i make another account could i still get online then? or does it ban the whole xbox?
Obviously can't sync achievents either though can you?
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