If bands sponsored merchandise...

    On my drive home a few nights ago I heard an item on the radio which was good fun. If bands sposored merchandise, what would they sponsor? Some of the suggestions were:

    The Darkness - Black-out blinds
    Thin Lizzie - Her Majesty the Queen's fitness video

    and my favourite...
    The Who - Hearing aids


    Red Hot Chlli Peppers - Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    Westlife - Irish Cream. :roll:

    I need a band list... will post again soon, lol.

    Blur - Specsavers glasses
    AC DC - Plug sockets
    Sting - Savlon cream
    Blink 182 - eyedrops

    **Working through the alphabet here!!**

    ABBA - Authentic Meatballs
    AQUA - Scuba Diving Equipment
    ATOMIC KITTEN - Nucelar Warheads for Evil Cats
    BEE GEES - Extra Tight Fitted Boxers
    BUSTED - Auto-Repair Services

    Take it away C and D...

    The Streets >>>>> Sat nav
    The Calling >>>>> BT
    McFly >>>>> Mcdonalds new tasty fly burgers Made with 100% fly legs & wings

    This 1 might be a Little Naughty

    Anything but the girl & The Backstreet Boys >>>>>> Condoms for Gays

    I mean No offense

    [SIZE=2]Four Non Blondes - Hair dye :roll: [/SIZE]

    U2 - The Little Handy Book of Txt Msg Shorthand.

    Snow Patrol >>> Road Salt or Head and Shoulders

    Razorlight >>> Gillette Disposables [if you don't like them >>> Gillette Mach 3 [if you do like them]

    Original Poster

    Rednex - Sun-block
    Sting - Antihistamines

    The Supremes - Thin and crusty pizzas. Called Superemes, of course. :lol:

    Blazin Squad and also Prodigy - Fire extinguishers

    The Calling - Tow Ropes (I hope someone gets that, lol)

    Coldplay - Hot water bottles

    Travis - Umbrellas

    Oasis - Swearboxes

    Original Poster

    House Of Pain - Paracetamol
    Barenaked Ladies - Marks & Spencer gift vouchers
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