If I......

    Was to buy a phone off someone i met on ebay. What protection have i got that after i had over the cash and walk away their not going to do an insurance job on the phone and it gets blocked?

    Is there anything i can do to stop this?


    Thing is when buying second hand mobile phones, if you buy it from them usually it is, in the eyes of the phone company's, Their phone still. So they need to ring up their network provider and say that they are not in possesion of the phone anymore and it belongs to you

    You'd have proof of the sale via the your ebay account. which should get the phone unblocked, and then the network would likely report the guy for insurance fraud. but you probably are best off registering it with them as soon as you get it.

    after a phone is blocked i thought it was very difficult to prove otherwise?

    and if meeting in the person the seller could say that the buyer never turned up and thus no sale
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