If I buy a GoPro from an eBay seller do I get a GoPro 1 yr warranty?

Found 17th Apr 2013
Looking at buying a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black from eBay for just under £300, not bad saving really but wondered whether then if it had a fault if I'd be able to make use of the 1yr warranty from GoPro...
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It depends from the date it was purchased.

As I'm guessing it is a new model it should be fine providing you have the serial number etc...

Here is a great idea...

Why don't you ask the eBay seller?
I wouldn't buy a gopro... Just bought an LIC Ego. Cheaper and better. Look for reviews and comparisons on YouTube
You should as gopro offer a 1 year world wide warranty, so regardless of what country it comes from (grey import) you should be covered. If you want extra piece of mind, register it against your gadget / home insurance, then your covered if it falls off your bike....
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