If I cancel my pre-order on amazon will I get my voucher back?

Found 9th Feb 2014
I've pre-ordered Game of Thrones Seasons 1-3 and chose free super saver delivery.I paid with a voucher and my debit card. I've just signed upto the free amazon prime trial. If I cancel my pre-order, will I get my voucher back, so I can pre-order again but get it with the amazon prime trial?
Please Help?
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You will yes it'll just reapply to your gift voucher balance
Can you not go into the pre-order on your account and change the postage option?
Not sure you even need to cancel the order, just go in to your order and change the delivery option to one day delivery with amazon prime.

If you do need to cancel you will definitely get your voucher back.
I tried changing the delivery option but it only had first class option. So I went onto live chat, explained the situation and the lady just changed it for me to prime.
Thank you for helping me guys. I really appreciate it.
Hope you enjoy the prime (and the game of thrones)!

Couple of things - most people don't realise you can share your amazon prime with up to four people - obviously you are only doing the trial, but might be worth sharing with a friend or family member even for the month (and certainly worth considering if you buy the full subscription). Search amazon help for "Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits" for more details (doesn't have t be family members despite what they say there).

Also, have heard that if they deliver late (ie not one day delivery) and you contact them and complain, they sometimes extend your trial or give you a free month. Worth bearing in mind.
prime rarely makes any difference to preorders, they are strictly only allowed to send out 1 working day before and always tend toward 1st Class RM
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