If i pay someone by Paypal, is there anyway i could be scammed?

    Was wondering if I paid anyone by Paypal is it possible for them to get more out of my account rather than what I sent and also is it possible that they can get my bank/credit card details?


    no, you're safe


    no, you're safe

    as above :thumbsup:

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    are you 100% sure?


    are you 100% sure?

    Yes paypal is secure


    Paypal and scamming, don't be so ridiculous!

    They can't take more than you send, nor do they have access to your bank account or credit card details. There are many loopholes but most of these affect the seller. If you are a buyer, just make sure the person you are paying is verified and you should be fine.

    the only people that tend to take more money out of your account than you expected when you use paypal is paypal! Robbing swines - very little alternative at the moment though - especially if your an ebayer.

    edit - yeah should have read your post my moaning is really only from a sellers point of view.

    Only way you can get scammed is if they dont send the item and by the time you realise they have emptied their account, or send you a item with tracking details that isnt like what they described.

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    Well I sent £4 to someone but didn't get it back. Not really bothered about the couple of quid but just wanna make sure that they can't take more money out or even get any bank/card details

    no, you're safe. paypal is great for buyers, but unfortunately very bad for sellers

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    Cool, Thanks guys
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