If I pre-order a vinyl from Amazon, will I receive it on the release date or is that the day they'll send it?

Posted 28th Oct
There's a vinyl that's being released on 1st November, if I order it now will I receive it on the 1st or do they send it out then? I have Prime btw if that makes a difference.

I know some people used to get video game pre-orders the day before the release date but I don't know how it works with vinyl.

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Checkout and it will tell you on the past page
Games are usually delivered on release day, not sure about vinyl though.
I find Amazon all over the place on this one now. Usually as a Prime member you'd expect to receive the item on the day it is released with them having dispatched it a day or so beforehand. But back in August I pre-ordered a cd that had a release date in October and assumed that as I have Prime I'd get it as soon as it was released. However just before the expected release day (11th October) I got an email from Amazon explaining that my item would be delayed until between the 6th Nov -7th Dec. I had just assumed that the release date had been pushed back, but however a couple of days later I was in HMV and noticed that the same item was in stock and on the shelves there and checking with other online retailers showed that they had it available to buy in stock. When I contacted Amazon and asked why my item was being delayed by a month they just told me that their warehouses didn't have any stock and that I'd have to wait several weeks for my order to be fulfilled which I thought was pretty poor seeing as I pre-ordered back in August, so I cancelled and bought elsewhere abs had it delivered in a couple of days no problem. I also had a blu-ray I pre-ordered arrive a day after the release date but that's not such a big deal.

TL DR - I don't trust Amazon anymore when it comes to pre-ordering with Prime in regards to receiving on the release day.
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