If I put Frog Spawn in a jar, will it kill them?

    Have a large amount of Frog Spawn in our pond. Sectioned it and covered it so the fish can't eat it and the birds can't access it.

    Am intrigued by it-the first year we've had any and watched the shape of the spawn developing so almost tadpoles now.

    Would it harm them if I were to pop a few into a jar to observe for the next few days? Not long term obviously.

    Anyone done this before? xx


    illegal to take from the wild (realise you are not doing that). If you really do have a lot maybe worth sharing with neighbours or perhaps local schools or suchlike who may have ponds. Good natural insect control for the garden.

    Put them in pond water, not tap water, they won't like the chlorine.


    Put them in pond water, not tap water, they won't like the chlorine.

    Yeh, good point. Otherwise you will kill them

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    Thanks for your ideas guys, I know it's a bit geeky- I could try and pass it off as a kids project for...a neighbour or something...but really its for me-I love animals and am intrigued! x

    You can keep them long term if you want!
    Put a blob of the spawn in a large casserole dish or the like in 5-6 inches of pond water. They will be better in the porch or somewhere that will have temperatures similar to outside. Add pond weed when the tadpoles appear. They seem to like a bit of boiled lettuce to eat. Later when they become carnivorous, put in a rock and they can have a smidge of cat food on that. They will need to be able to climb out when they metamorphose.

    BTW - if you leave huge quantities of spawn in your pond, the massive number of tadpoles is likely to completely trash the balance. No need to protect the spawn at all - in fact try to get rid of most of it one way or another.


    I rescued some frog spawn from a dried out flood plain, most of them die in the end hence why they lay so many. You're right though it's very interesting.

    Do not put them in tap water unless it has stood for approx 3 days!
    see here;


    I used to love going up to a big pond near me when I was a child. It was full of frog spawn, then we would go back when they were tadpoles, then hundreds of little frogs everywhere, great fun!
    Problem is I am allergic to frogs and would be covered in a rash from holding them, still went and still got in trouble when my mum saw my arms! lol

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    Aww I'm looking forward to it now! Thanks guys x
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