If I return tesco vouchers will I get them back at the new rate or old rate?

    HI all

    Before tescos changed there vouchers from £10 = £40 to £10 = £30 I got £100 worth of Hilton Vouchers = £400 worth.

    I went to book it and they didnt have any of the 'clubcard' rooms available for the dates I want to go so I want to send them back

    Does anyone know if I send the £400 back I will get my £100 back on the old rates or will I get £133 back based on the new rates?

    Obviously If they give it me back on the rates i bought it my £100 of vouchers will only get £300 again instead of £400 so im reluctant to do this.

    Any ideas?


    I didn't think you could send them back?

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    yeah you can return any unused vouchers


    yeah you can return any unused vouchers

    Thats useful to know, thank you. Sorry that i can't help with your question though.

    I didn't know you could return them either - but surely you will be credited with £100 of points back to your account, which will then be worth £300 in deals.

    Are they the basic vouchers you can use on any reward? I got some for an MOT at Halfords, but did not trust them not to find any extra work to do. Then i realised they could be used on any rewards except the 'buy in full' ones. So i MOT'd my car elsewhere and will use the vouchers on something else.

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    "Clubcard rewards tokens

    How long are Clubcard rewards tokens valid for?
    Rewards tokens are valid for 6 months unless otherwise stated.
    Can my Clubcard rewards tokens be refunded?
    Unused and in date rewards tokens can be returned to us for a Clubcard Points refund.
    Please return to the following address:
    Tesco Freetime Limited
    PO Box 654
    RH10 1RG

    Do I need to state when I want to use my rewards tokens?
    No - you can use them whenever you like as long as they are valid.
    When I order, do I put in the voucher value I am exchanging or the token value I require?
    At the basket you will be told both the cost in Clubcard vouchers and the value of the rewards tokens you will receive. At the checkout you will be told the cost in Clubcard vouchers of your rewards and you will need to add enough Clubcard vouchers to your order to cover this cost in Clubcard vouchers.


    take pics of any returned vouchers and always post recorded.

    i have sent 3 lots back and they 'lost' 2 lots despite signing for them.

    had to send them proof of delivery and pics of vouchers. it was a complete nightmare and took months to resolve. Their clubcard division is **** poor.

    did not know you could return them either. good thread

    yes can return but will only get new 3 times rate , i am in same boat , have just been on to them ,

    mine expire end of feb , & some hotels will let you book now & use after this expiry date , some you have to take with you b4 they expire , so complicated !!

    lot os hassel , might just by a shed !oO

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    happy to get the new 3 times rate as long as i can trade the ones i have back now at the three times rate

    You'll get it back onto your account at the amount you spent to buy them in the first place.

    You'll then re-trade them at 3x value.
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