If I send a payment as 'gift' on paypal is their any fees?

    Stupid question, have been wondering this forever now.

    Any help would be great.

    I am pretty sure their is no fees but I need to be sure.

    All help is good, thanks.

    Mighty Mugger.


    No fees.......

    are there......btw lol

    no fees as long as you have money in your pp account

    just remember if you pay with paypal gift to pay for an item and it doesnt arrive you cant claim the money back from paypal so make sure you trust the person you "gifting"

    what i mean is i sent a payment by gift and was told i didnt have enough money in my pp account so i would be charged say 50p extra charged onto my bank card

    Original Poster

    As always thanks for all the replies guys, I just needed to be sure.

    Its one of those things where you think you are right, but you just need to make sure lol.

    Thanks guys for the help.


    Mighty Mugger
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