if i was to download a movie.........


    If i was to download a movie off of a website what format would it need to be for my iphone to pick it up and import it into itunes and this synch with my phone?



    .mp4 or .mov I think


    use something like that, and convert anything, mp4 will restrict your choice

    "Content you encode yourself can be encoded into either H.264 or MPEG-4, although H.264 will generally provide better quality for a given file-size, it also takes longer to encode".…ns/

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    cheers for all this, say if i was to download off a bit torrent website would they work?

    people tend to upload video already converted to ipod format on torrent sites

    search for what you want and add ipod - if its popular it should be there

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    i feel like a right pleb asking things like this but thanks for all everything


    just use xvid4psp to convert most file types to most other filetypes

    Check out

    Not sure if the more tech savvy people use this but i'm not super-knowledgeable about file formats and stuff. It is a pretty neat bit of software that acts as your host downloader (i.e. Replacing BitTorrent), but also your converter. Once you have downloaded a file, you can drag and drop it into the format you would like (ipod, xbox 360, psp ect) and it changes the code straight away. Dead simple, dead easy to use. If you have an xbox 360 on a wireless network you can use it to stream wireless HD (probably not full HD) from your computer to your console using Windows Media Centre as the bridge.

    worth a try in my opinion...
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