If i were to buy a LG KS360 from carphone warehouse

what would the chances of it being unlocked be?


Carphone handsets tend to be sim free so they can just stick any network sim in it.
If the phone doesn't have any branding on it (ie the Orange square or the T for T mobile) the odds are its not lock to a network.

I bought a Sony Ericsson and it was locked to Vodafone. HTH.


I bought a Sony Ericsson and it was locked to Vodafone. HTH.

But was the Sony branded Voda ?

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The phone which i have now was from there and it was unlocked, but it was availible on all networks then, the LG KS360 is just availible on virgin, o2 and orange so im guessing itll be locked to those particular ones, anyone know how much each of them charge to unlock it? i know people down the market can but still a bit dodgy.

This phone should come unlocked from Carphone warehouse, if not however you can get them unlock for £15 as that is what my girlfriend payed to have hers done as its needs doing with a computer and can't be done with a code.

Hope this helps.

Phone is nice by the way too.

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thanks! i think ill buy the orange one from carphone warehouse as you do not need to buy credit with it and then get it unlocked at the market or see if any of the phone companies are willing to do it. Seems like a good phone to have for 95 (80 + 15 unlock)
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