Found 24th Jan 2008
Package contents below.


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LOL made my day rep!

lol, well done taasda! hehe

Does it come in blue?


great one!!

Lol !!!!!

maybe yellow? and blue ...

Back to a high standard taasda!


:viking::viking: give me a screwdriver and ill make a plane!

[COLOR="Blue"]It is already here this is what is stamped on the box, just have to wait for IKEA to design it. (I could not trim the size of this pic as one cannot only insert a link to the pic.[/COLOR]

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You get these instead then.



:viking::viking: give me a screwdriver and ill make a plane!

This is IKEA the minimal of tooling is required , here is what is on offer

Love It, Love It .........................................


You get these instead then.1X

[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]IKEA Holiday Competition[/COLOR][/SIZE] People in Britain will be offered the chance to win a holiday in space for the whole family ([COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"]no purchase of car kit is required[/SIZE][/COLOR]).

Only one child per family is allowed to go into space under the conditions of this offer. (Further details are available upon request. ) Employees of IKEA and SAAB are not eligible to enter for this competition. All meals will be provided at all time in orbit at the "WMD WOK Chinese Takeaway - Orbiting Branch". Only chopsticks like above may be used. Winning family are not permitted to carry Knife and fork under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (UK) 2010. Whilst in orbit , depending on the availability of UK's Spies Hover in The Space Satellite ( SHiTSS ) you will have a tour and discuss with your local council officers how they keep your street clean and measure your quantity of rubbish that you put out from space and measure the CO2 emissions from your car exhaust also from space. ( Note again that your IKEA car has zero emission of CO2 and produces a mere 0.00001g of depleted Uranium per 10,000 miles. This depleted Uranium is collected at MOT time by MOD engineers from Sellafield (Right adjacent to IKEA Giga-Nuk Centre which opened in 2009 , still serving the traditional swedish meatballs for breakfast instead of bacon and egg). Note that the depleted Uranium from IKEA cars is recyclable into armour piecing shells commonly used by the Army Chieftain Tanks. Do your bit to protect the shores of UK thousands of miles from Dover. Note that the Army's Chieftain Tanks are environmentally friendly and the emission is zero (except for the depleted Uranium shell fired from the tank in the front. The radioactivity is not counted as "emission" as the shells are not used as a means of propulsion by the vehicle.)
Finally IKEA sponsor the Army for their breast plate armour , note again IKEA made these from recycled carrier bags and plastic plates from the IKEA canteens. This is a real bonus to our service men as they can readily pick their breast plate armour whilst they shop at IKEA completely free of charge. IKEA opens 24X364. Should they forget to pick up these IKEA have entered an agreement with "WMD WOK Chinese Takeaway (Earth Division)" where these could be despatched free of charge to any where on earth except China(1) but minimum order of Chinese takeaway of £20,000 is required and these armour plates are delivered at the same time with the ordered takeaway. As usual all Chinese meals get fortune cookies and prawn crackers free. However for our armed forces clients around the world we have a special version of Halal fortune cookies and Halal prawn crackers instead of the "Be Bad to Yourself" extra calorie and salt range at home. In the event of capture by the enemy the "Wok a Shield - Armed Forces" (Short name is Wasaf" ) brand of fortune cookies contains special funny joke (politically correct ones are always guaranteed) and many types of cheap plastic tokens which are completely useful at home.However, when abroad fighting, for example: it the token is embossed with GMOOH accompanied by the Arabic word , you are entitled to "Get me out of here". Upon presenting this token to your enemy during capture Immediately your enemy will honour this token and treat you as a VIP. At this point you can decide whether your captor (limited to one person) enjoys the GMOOCH offer with you as well. (These joint uptakes do really build lasting long term friendship.) Then you will be taken away and be prepared for a luxury flight out of the war zone by a special jet plane which docks you to the next available Virgin plane operated by Virgin Airlines (flying non-stop 20 daily flights London to Shanghai), this Virgin plane docks to the scheduled flight in mid-air. You have a choice of either London or Shanghai as your destination. Shanghai has an extensive range of restaurants and shopping facilities. Some hotels offer full gym facilities, beauty care as well as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment which is not available on the NHS.

Note (1) There is no terrorist in China as the Great Wall has been upgraded to keep out terrorist so there is no need to deliver body armour to China. All tourists enjoy travel in complete safety unlike in London where there is more chance to fall ill because of a dodgey kebab than being mugged, or was it?, according to the UK Home Secretary Ms. Jackie Smith. Well

[SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]Read the above and enjoy! :whistling:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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Lol - you an IKEA fan?


Lol - you an IKEA fan?

No, I shop at Waitrose, it's so much quieter and civilised. And I look forward to these
This is my local IKEA Bus Stop outside my branch of Waitrose (well not really, just fantasy)

However I go to IKEA on average once per year and it is a place of really really useful stuff. With the help of the Swedes the Brits had an alternative to MFI and B&Q/Homebase.

Job interview at IKEA


thanks to Shori at

splender, yr image can't be viewed "due to bandwidth limitations ..." on my screen. not sure if it's the same one but this is the link to image i came across awhile ago .


JOB INTERVIEW AT … JOB INTERVIEW AT IKEA to Shori at blogger.comsplender, yr image can't be viewed "due to bandwidth limitations ..." on my screen. not sure if it's the same one but this is the link to image i came across awhile ago .

That's the right, I have broadband 2mb, and the image comes up instantly and the image size is 50kb which should take about 12 seconds if you have the dial up modem access at 56k/s.

um i have 2 mb too virginmedia ... no prob usually. well this is what i see on my screen, if it makes any sense ...…915


um i have 2 mb too virginmedia ... no prob usually. well this is what i … um i have 2 mb too virginmedia ... no prob usually. well this is what i see on my screen, if it makes any sense ...

That is mOST BIZARRE, when I click on the url link I inserted I get that IKEA man interview pic but when I clicked on that pic showing bandwidth problem you are clearly having problems! This is what I see on my screen

I've been caught out like that before whilst hot linking (porn picture)

The person who posts the picture can't see what has actually been posted! (bandwidth theft)

You have to save the picture to imageshack first and then post the new url.


How gutted would you be if when you finished it you found the "KEY" was missing! :w00t:

Damn failed to notice this package in Ikea today, need a new car, and it would keep me busy, only problem is once i built it wouldnt be able to get it out my bedroom, Dining room or garden
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