If iPhone on airplane mode will calls go to voicemail please?

Found 3rd Aug 2013
Hi Going on holiday soon to USA. My partner needs to be able to retrieve calls and deal with them once a day for his work as he is self employed.
If during the day we put his iPhone on airplane mode will calls go to voicemail. He could then listen to them once we are back in our villa and use Skype to make calls. We are thinking of this so that we don't have large bills.
Thank you.
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yes as it act like the phone is off.
From personal experience, yes it goes to voicemail...
Why not try it now?
Thank you to you both that's great. Sorry I can't mark you both as best answer so just going with quickest.

Why not try it now?

My god you're a mind reader we have just said to each other we should do that.
Yes it worked
Do remember that calls going to voicemail will be charged at international roaming rates so if someone calls your voicemail and leaves a very long message, you'll be charged the length of the voicemail at roaming rates. Usually wise to deactivate voicemail and put the phone on silent. At least you'll have the number of the person calling you to return the call. I find Skype works well for returning calls as works out considerably cheaper as long as you have wifi at your hotel. Don't forget to switch off data when abroad also. Heard of horror stories of people being charged several hundreds of pounds as a result of this.
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