If Tesco deliver late do they have a refund policy for delivery..

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Posted 30th Oct 2007
Does anyone know...:?
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  1. juliet_bravo's avatar
    I've had my service charge refunded before when they've been late, you'll have to phone customer services and complain
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    My delivery never turned up so I phoned up and they just re-scheduled delivery & never refunded anything... I obviously didn't moan at them enough :giggle:
  3. Benjimoron's avatar
    They usually refund it. Nothing in writing tho, just have a bit of a moan if they don't.
  4. Mum2Ciaran's avatar
    They been late before with me and i've had delivery charge refunded.
    If you shop with Sainsburys,I get 1 hr slot options here and if they late the driver gives you there with your shopping a £10 eVoucher off your next shop on a leaflet,they only been late the once.
  5. kelly_o_fanatic's avatar
    Depends on who you speak to and what you say.

    I usually say that I ordered in that time slot because I had to leave at *insert time* and this has now meant that I have missed an appointment

    Sainsburys is better because you get a £10 voucher, mentioned above, and they always call to say that they will be late too
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    They were only 15 mins late and didn't bother to ring. Its the first time this has happened. They have been bang on my deadline a few times. The driver did ring but its a driver i like so didn't want to get him questioned etc. Thanks people..:thumbsup:
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    We had one turn up an hour early the other day. Didn't make much difference to us but they knew they were very early as they apologised.
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    There is a refund policy that they won't tell you about. Depends on who you talk to at customer service as it is at their discretion. The standard line is that they have no control over traffic, adverse weather etc and they are advised to refund half the service charge(remember it is not a delivery charge as you are paying to have someone pick, pack and load the vans too!) if it is over half an hour to 2hours late, full if over 2hours late but some customer service reps can't be bothered arguing over whether to refund half or full so they refund full.

    Some drivers are a law unto themselves though! They should phone to tell you that they are running late but they don't as they will claim that it will make them even later if they have to start phoning. In adverse weather conditions or if there is a problem with the vans, you should be contacted by the store/head office/driver but that rarely happens. Sorry to say that Tesco customer service sucks and that is down to call handling times, the drivers having too many deliveries on their vans for the allocated time, high turnover of staff. It's not always the driver's or customer service rep's fault but how they are told to work! :x
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