if this doesnt make you laugh!!!!!!!!

    you need a humour transplant



    I need a humour transplant

    I liked the "I don't remember eating that" remark!!! :giggle::giggle:

    Very good :-D


    LMAO...excuse the pun :w00t:

    Very funny!

    Brilliant - absolutely brilliant!

    OH DEAR LORD!!! I don't normally comment - BUT that had me in stitches!! Real or not - it did its job....

    Ooooh errr - pardon me!!

    Great! very funny

    :-D Brilliantly funny :-D

    "I've splashed my tights" LOL

    Why is it that farting is sooo funny?

    I didnt find that too funny.

    a comment on youtube ''why didnt they hear the laugther as the lady was talking''
    yeah why?
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