If you aint bought a Wii yet.....................

    What are you playing at? I wish people would quit posting that there is stock here there and everywhere, jesus its all you lot rattle on about, now where are the deals for cheap booze and crisps, hey its christmas and you lot are still toy shopping!!!

    Oh and before you ask, yeah i got mine and sold it way earlier in the year so i know how great they are, just got bored after a few months, and yes i lost money on it before you start dissing me for trying to make a quick buck.

    Happy christmas!!!!

    8 Comments the blue and yellow can!

    Original Poster

    eh? what blue and yellow can?


    is a golf ball and an egg!


    Original Poster

    a golf ball and an egg? jeeze what is it with some folk here, have they got leaky boilers at home or something? think they are on fumes!!!


    You've got something against Wiis I take it?!

    He's just saying that there are too many threads about wii's so he decided to express his opinions in another thread...about wii's


    [SIZE="3"]ya man![/SIZE]
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