if you bought windows 7 upgrade cancel and get retail

    Upgrading to Windows 7? Set aside 21 hours, just in case

    We can say for sure that our own Windows 7 upgrade experience didn't take, oh say, a whole day, but according to Microsoft, your own just might. The boys and girls in Redmond set out with a goal of seeing the Vista to Windows 7 upgrade accomplished around five percent faster than an upgrade to Vista, and while it seems that they succeeded, the staggeringly wide range in install times has us a wee bit concerned. A variety of testing situations were put in place, and nearly every profile was tested on low-, mid- and high-end hardware. A clean install of Windows 7 on mid-to-high-end hardware took just a half-hour, but a 32-bit upgrade on a mid-range machine with 650GB of data and 40 applications took an astounding 1,220 minutes, or just under 21 hours. The wild part here is that it's not all that uncommon for a power user / all-around nerd to have a half-terabyte of information and two score programs, and in anticipation of one install actually taking over a day, the team didn't even bother testing this path on a low-end rig. Good thing our imaginations are in check, huh?

    plus all your junk and reg errors get crossed over.


    I thought that in the EU due to trade restrictions, any upgrade to Windows 7 was a clean install?

    I've just bought a Packard Bell netbook and have been rather concerned to read that the "free" upgrade from Vista to 7 will actually cost £19.50 handling charge! In the pack they talk about a clean install and losing all previous data!

    Now I'm confused.


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    As a power user I wouldn't do an upgrade install on any of my machines especially as some will be transitioning from 32 bit to 64 bit and may be using different versions of software although on the 64 to 64bit machines I'd also be checking for any updates. As for data I keep it all backed up separately to make it easy to restore data on a new build, I know many other 'power users' are the same.

    I don't know what upgrade mechanisms Windows 7 offers but I'm sure there will be a way to have a psuedo-clean install.

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