If you could add one word to the English Dictionary - What would it be and whats the word/s definition?

    As above.

    Mine would be

    : Youth talk; means, not just confused.....proper confused with a hint of sarcasm.



    Great way to get Americanism in there, drop the z's and I might vote for it



    [SIZE="3"] masambula:-D[/SIZE] old tribal greeting for..hello & welcome


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    And what does it mean? ( Confuzzlified that is )

    Good idea. :thumbsup:

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    Proper skint I tell thee!

    Womans love socket

    wum - wind up merchant (get plenty of threads with these in on hukd!)

    Insania - Always makes me laugh!

    Ther's a great little book called " The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams. He takes all the strange village and town names and gives them definitions.... things that we dont have words for. EG's

    AFFCOT (n.) The sort of fart you hope people will talk after.

    BURES: The scabs on knees and elbows formed by a compulsion to make love on
    cheap Habitat floor-matting.

    CORRIEDOO (n.) The crucial moment of false recognition in a long passageway encouter.
    Though both people are perfectly well aware that the other is approaching,
    they must eventually pretend sudden recognition. They now look up with a
    glassy smile, as if having spotted each other for the firt time, (and are
    particulary delighted to have done so) shouting out 'Haaaaaallllloooo!' as
    if to say 'Good grief!! You!! Here!! Of all people! Will I never. Coo. Stap
    me vitals, etc.'

    KETTERING (n.) The marks left on your bottom or thighs after sunbathing on a
    wickerwork chair.

    luls - the microscopic basic building blocks of all lols
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