If you could have any movie on blu ray-what would it be?

Found 5th Mar 2010
In the rush to get blu rays on the shelves the studios have released some shockingly bad transfers(cough-ghostbusters),which really does the format no favours at all.

Yet some older film stock has been remastered to perfection and the product is stunning(its a wonderful life,elephant man) They are even remastering the charlie chaplin films to blu ray atm.

So,if you could have any film you wanted,mastered to absolute minty mint perfection,NOT currently available,what would it be?

Scarface for me


Indiana Jones Original Trilogy.

Debbie does Dallas :-D


Indiana Jones Original Trilogy.

that made me...


A lot of 80's movies when they came out on DVD were poor quality, more like vhs quality

I hope some of the Blurays are not just dvd rips, and go back to proper masterfilm

I too vote for Indiana Jones, as if that could be in true HD, it would be awesome

Either that or the Star Wars 1-6.

Chūshingura (the tale of 47 ronin) and make it colourful lol

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

Breaking Glass


The NEXT star wars film......well it isnt currently available


Either that or the Star Wars 1-6.

Sure would be! Your ideas have been the best. Give me both those suggestions and ill be happy for weeks!


Pretty much most of Spielberg's back catalogue.


On any Sunday,,,,,

Emanuelle ;-)

any Russ Meyer films
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