If you dont receive the ...eBay £1 Max Selling Fees Up To 100 listings... Try this ->

Posted 22nd Aug 2020
After getting this deal every 2 weeks or so... And now going over 3 months without another £1 fvf promo..

I gave in for a 3rd time and went online with chat support.

I had a question though for the assistant. .

"Can you give me some free or £1 listings?"

He credited 5 of my listings fees back and i asked if i could list another 2 items and he said yes he would leave a message to the next assistant to re credit those fee.

So i tried and failed to sell my most expensive item to list but still sold a couple at a decent rate of re imbursement through fee credits.

I spoke to ebay chat again and said i had a few items to be re credited...

They said it was 2 and i asked if they could make it 3 listing re credits ... She said this would need "authorisation" and may take a day as it was past her "allowance"

So a day later all 3 fees were credited back giving me 8 free listings in total ...

Was nice to even get a little extra one in there.. Even if i had to fight for it haha

Sometimes just asking the right questions goes a long way

Hope this helps a few people

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