If you ever get caught speeding!!!!

Found 27th Aug 2007
This is well worth the read!


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Class! LOVE IT!
Saved and sent to friends!
I'm glad you liked it. I was begining to think that only myself and hothothot thought it was any good!!
Lol, see everyone makes mistakes. Class letter sent to them though, shame the reply from NZ police wasnt a witty funny one mto show they had a sense of humour. That would have been cool.
I guess he's lucky it wasn't North Wales Police - they'd probably have trippled the fine and used several thousands of public money to prosecute the driver to the fullest extent of the law!
Made Me Laugh.
I liked it, did you notice the way it took them over 2 months to reply.... :giggle:
LOL made me laugh.
Very good!!
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