if you give banck account/sort code to someone can they commit fraud?

    as above

    someone wants to buy something off me and iam wary about giving my details out


    nah they cant mate, they need your sort code and account number to pay by bank trans normally, just dont give them ur expriy,issure or CVV number

    Giving your sort code or account number just lets them pay in as far as I know. They can't take any money out unless they have more details like your address etc.

    remember your account number is just the last 7 digits on the card not all the numbers

    NO, it's fine.
    Here's mine:-
    I have been using BACS or Bank Transfer for well over 5 years without any probs. I regularly transfer money to Euroland and vice verse.

    Everytime you write a cheque the same info is on there so it's not dodgy at all.
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