If you had a book about your life, what would it be called?

Posted 18th Oct
No wrong answers here.
If you had a book about your life, what would it be called?
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Well you tried
"Look at what you could have won!"
How to not win friends and influence people.
How to get s*** on everyday....
Are we there yet?
Cheap Basturd.
Hard Times
Sleepless nights? Read my book

Rated 5 stars from ex of the year and says "magnificent" also says "I hate your company" highly recommend.

Complex Life Made Simple - a genius' guide to living within your means, with no stress and a smile on your face.
All I Wanted Was A Title
How to be as great as me
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The Bible
I'm not finished with it yet!
Wiz that it
Fifty shades of gay
maccy1i18/10/2019 17:50

I would name it The Man Inside Me but that title is already taken
Mein Kampf.
If there was a God it would be me....
How to be tight and happy.

Perfection cannot be improved
A decade behind bars

(I used to run pubs)
What's the point of this then?
Still Standing
How lovely I am, words never said.
He was only supposed to blow the bloody doors
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