If you log out, can you log back in???

    May sound a strange question, but for the last 24 hours I've been trying to log back in. I didn't log out but my pc must have done it whilst I was away for a few hours. There used to be a log in box at the top of the screen when you're logged out, there isn't now. Instead there is a log in link, which doesn't work!!!

    I've finally found that if I click my settings at the bottom of the screen it takes me to a box where I can log in, most other things I've tried only take me to the register screen.

    So, could some people try logging out then back in again to see if it's just me or if other people have this issue. Does it seem quiet on here? Maybe there are members who are logged out and can't log back in again?


    Ive just logged out then in again no problems

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    Ive just logged out then in again no problems

    Did you press the log in link at the top of the screen? Or is there a box there to log in?

    The login link on mine doesn't go anywhere.

    It was the login link. That was the only option

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    Ok forget everything!!!

    It's just me!!! I've just increased the amount of space allowed for temporary internet files and it's now put the site back to working just fine! All the pictures have re-appeared!!! Maybe it's just been mine for ages but all the icons have been missing for days, I guess they've been fine on yours but it's made the site impossible for me.

    Doesn't the pc give some sort of warning if it's not downloading anything because the temporary internet files are full? Weird that it stops the site working too, the login link now works again and changes to a log in box, which it wasn't doing before.
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