If you neg a seller on eBay do they get an email informing them?

    For the first time in 3 years of eBay I gave a seller a neg as the item was clearly damaged, their comms awful and these people really pee'd me off with a rubbish excuse.
    Anyway, I was wondering if the seller gets an email or anything from eBay letting them know they have been negged?
    Also, if they do a reply to the feedback, how do they do this? I have seen replies on feedback and always wondered how to do this.


    They don't get an email.
    They can reply to negative feedback though, by going to the feedback section, and selecting reply to feedback.
    Also follow up feedbacks can be left, by both sellers and buyers.

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    They don't get an email.

    Thanks, for some reason I thought they might. Repped.

    Edit: Thanks also for the info on follow up feedback, it only just appeared after my reply. I've wondered about how to do it for 3 years!
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