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Found 19th Feb 2010
Went to see manic street preachers last night at king tuts in glasgow-300 capacity,the stage is basically upstairs in a pub(great venue tho)

They were soo loud! I mean beyond anything I have ever encountered-incredible gig-90 minutes runthrough of all their best tunes,but mrs barky and myself are still half deaf this morning-lol!

We had seen paolo nutini on wednesday night in the same venue and mrs barky imagined the volume would be about the same-I suspected it would be a tad louder but not quite to the extent that I may now need hearing aids!

Great fun way to start the years gig going tho-next up the gaga on 1st march!


I saw them a few years ago. They do bang out a good gig. glad you had a good night.

did they do you love us great song

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the sedge;7886461

did they do you love us great song

yep they did and james dean bradfield did "the everlasting" acoustic-just him and a guitar-was the highlight of the night for me,and "kevin carter" was outstanding.

How come you go to so many gigs,do you get free tickets ?

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How come you go to so many gigs,do you get free tickets ?

I got guest list for the king tuts gigs but everything else I pay for-I just love live music-its my only "vice"-go to around 40-50 per year including about 6 or 7 trips to london.

One a week nearly,bloody ell,an expensive vice lol

Didnt you go to a lady gaga gig a while ago? Manics, yes, gaga noooooooooooo.

Showing my age here but I saw the Manics at Aston University some (god knows how long) years ago...


Sounds cool. I love intimate little gigs - anything bigger than an 'academy/apollo' and I lose interest.

aaaahh, your going to see lady gaga!

Its not too late to sell them on fleebay :whistling:
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