If you were my personal shopper...?

    I want a HD ready plasma tv 42" + and either a HD or BluRay dvd player. I know diddly squat about either product. Bearing in mind last time round I bought Betamax !! I am dying to start buying HD / BR discs whilst they are on offer but cant commit.

    I just want a nice system that wont be obsolete in 6 months.



    Did you miss the title of this board:p

    Sadly you're spoilt for choice at the moment which makes choosing a combo like this all the more difficult.

    I appreciate you state plasma in your thread but, personally I would go LCD.

    I'm sticking to a brand I know best and where I know I pay a premium. However, I have friends who have bought cheaper brands and had nothing but trouble.

    This is by no means the best buy but, a good benchmark to get you going.…spx

    So you get

    SONY 40" LCD TV
    PS3 which is capable of playing Blu Ray discs

    Or this…spx

    Sony 46" LCD
    PS3 which is capable of playing Blu Ray discs

    You also get a nice games console to keep you busy as well although, one of few times I have deviated from the Sony brand resulted in me going the XBOX 360 route :oops:

    Which rated LCD's and Plasmas recently and whilst most of the best buys were Panasonics (including some plasmas) Sony had a few best buys in their as well.

    This Panasonic plasma gets a good write up
    Panasonic Viera TH-42PX700

    The TH-42PX700 is the replacement model for last year's PX600 Best Buy. Not surprisingly Panasonic carry on their outstanding run of success with yet another great example of an excellent flat-panel IDTV. The technology just happens to be plasma rather than LCD.

    It's an HD-ready, 42-inch plasma screen, festooned with features including a memory card slot and light sensor.On the downside, power use when watching TV is alarmingly high.

    Our expert panel commented that this television has a big sound and good dynamics. The bass and lower-mid frequencies are good but dialogue could sound better. Like the rest of the 2007 Panasonic range, there's a slight problem with interference with analogue tuner sound. But it's hardly noticeable and shouldn't detract from the overall sound quality.

    The standard picture drew a few minor criticisms but it has good depth. Screen reflections may well cause problems on a bright day but overall Freeview pictures were OK and HD pictures excellent. It supports 1080p output but does not have 'fullHD' 1920x1080 screen resolution and does not refresh at 24 frames per second and suffers from some mild motion judder when watching high definition DVD players (see FAQ and features explained).

    The 2007 range of Panasonic TVs are also the first TV in the UK to support audio description. Found on some Freeview programmes, this is an additional narration for visually-impaired people that describes significant visual information, such as body language and scenery.

    It's also a cinch to use and features well designed on-screen menus and Freeview electronic programme guide (EPG).

    The remote is well laid out and clearly labeled. A coordinating pedestal stand is supplied but it can be wall mounted if a suitable bracket is purchased.

    The Panasonic has two HDMI for connecting high definition equipment and three Scart sockets. Two carry RGB and two are Q-Link enabled (can trigger a compatible VCR to record).

    There are AV input sockets positioned at the front of the TV (under a flap) for connection of portable devices, plus a headphone output jack, which has an independent volume control. The TV can also be connected to a home cinema system and hi-fi system via the digital and stereo audio output socket. On the downside it's very power hungry, using almost 280 watts when switched on.

    Pros: Picture, sound, light sensor, audio description, multiple AV connections

    Cons: Power use

    Original Poster

    Thanks. All that and free 5 year warranty and free delivery.


    Thanks. All that and free 5 year warranty and free delivery.

    and quidco (i think)


    Thanks. All that and free 5 year warranty and free delivery.

    I doubt John Lewis will be the cheapest but, the 5 year warranty gives piece of mind. I think this covers the TV only and not the PS3.

    If you are tempted by the John Lewis deal the poster above mentions dont forget Quidco as well as the cashback will be 3%.

    And....... John Lewis are currently doing a promo see here for £30 off £300 code…wis

    i'm sure i read somewhere that some production companies will not be releasing their films in blu-ray format only hd. personally i would go for an hd player not blu-ray

    many companys are starting to back blu-ray as its selling the most films. get a ps3 its the cheapest blu-ray player plus game console.
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