If you were to buy a Wii for your parents...

    Which games would you pick!? Mum loves charming platformy stuff so I've got Mario Galaxy, also got Wii Sports, Play, Endless Ocean, Mercury and Brain Acacademy.

    Anything else worth considering? Cheers


    Thats enough to be getting on with I reckon.


    Which games would you pick!? Mum loves charming platformy stuff so I've … Which games would you pick!? Mum loves charming platformy stuff so I've got Mario Galaxy, also got Wii Sports, Play, Endless Ocean, Mercury and Brain Acacademy.Anything else worth considering? Cheers

    well, my mum is 76 and loves the Wii sports, cant get her off it when she pops round! I am a mum too but just cant get into any of the platform games my son has!:?

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    Ahh, my mum absolutely adores stuff like ICO so was tempted by PoP, but already have it for the Xbox

    What's MySims like?

    Maybe Zack & Wiki? I heard that game is quite good, but I haven't played it.

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    Yeah that looks great, but isn't out until January Thanks though

    wario smooth moves

    I bought my mother a Wii for her 60th last April, and she completely loves Wii Sports and Big Brain Academy.

    Somewhat embarrassingly, she can kick my **** at Wii Sport Tennis...

    I reckon thats plenty to be getting on with... and mario will keep her occupied for plenty of time

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    Cheers guys

    Not sure about Warioware at all, seems a bit too 'silly' for them I think, yet I was considering Rayman so... hmm!

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    Anyone played MySims btw?!


    Me and my bros got a Wii for my mums 60th this year. She is unbeaten on bowling. I am the Champion of boxing though.

    Just noticed 10bellies reply, are we related:thinking:

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    Wii Sports seems like a real winner, I'm gutted that Wii Fitness and Zack & Wiki aren't out before Christmas.

    I haven't played MySims, but here is a ]collection of reviews about it :thumbsup:

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    Many thanks, I'll definitely avoid those then. Not sure about MySims, shame it's not more like an Animal Crossing/Sims hybrid and the emphasis is on building and customising stuff, not sure either of my parents would appreciate that at all.

    Just wrapped all of the Wii stuff up anyway and can't help but feel I do need something a little extra though, a game or two, but still not close to deciding which one, nggh!

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    Tempted by one of Mario & Sonic at the Olympics or Kororinpa now.

    Or maybe Excite Truck still. Or Super Paper Mario.

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    Yeah it looks ace

    Just took at look at Gametrailers....

    Kororinpa seems neat, but since it's fairly limited and has mediocre multiplayer I'm really not sure it justifies being a full priced game, even a year on since launch On a similar note, Super Monkey Ball is out, it doesn't look great on the Wii and I'm probably better off just letting them play the Cube version instead.

    Excite Truck is a definite no now, which is a shame since I really wanted a racing game for my dad. Super Paper Mario looks like a good game in it's own right, but massively confusing and quite text heavy, so not ideal at all for my parents so will give it a miss.

    Rayman Raving Rabbids has a great look, and seems like a lot of fun, with a fairly charming style and not too bad humour, but the fact it doesn't lend itself that much to great multiplaer, plus is quite tiring means it's yet another game that's no good, d'oh!

    MySims I'm completely unsure about - I've got a feeling my mum would really like it, but there's always a chance she'd hate it too, or just not be at all gripped and not give it a chance due to it being so unique. It's quite quirky which I don't mind, but also looks slightly childish, hmm.

    The biggest dissapointment by far was Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, I started watching the review thinking it'd be perfect, but it just seems like a massive let-down, very unpolished and generally not very good.


    Video reviews ftw though! Never even knew sites did them for free like this :-)

    Wii sports + the olympics game which just came out, would have never seen them so active in my life.

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    What do you think of the Olympics game mate?
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