if you were trying to buy one of these what would you "search"?

    I'm not sure what they are lol
    I went to ebay to find something and I tried funfair signs, fairground signs, bulbs, vintage signs and got sweet FA.
    anyone got any suggestions?

    pic below


    Original Poster

    Illuminated signs?

    I would imagine it would be under bulb,but if they are a specialist bulb i've no idea as i don't know what they are called either!

    Oops i thought you meant the bulbs not the whole thing lol

    Original Poster

    thanks guys, will add it to my list of search words lol
    looking for an old vintage "funhouse" kinda sign with the bulbs and whatnot, thought they'd be easier to track down.

    these will make anything you want they are based in derbyshire…htm
    i used the search illuminated arrow fair
    these do parts for diy signs
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