If you're buying a new Panasonic telly soon..

    Apparently Panasonic will be offering free five year warranties with their TVs purchased in Oct. This may only apply to specific tvs but this is the thread that mentions it.…971

    This scheme ran last year
    but was limited to some plasmas.....

    So if you're thinking of buying a Panasonic telly soon you may want to hold off till Oct (unless you're getting it from John lewis..)


    Yeah John Lewis give 5 years free anyway!

    Lol but are Panasonic TV's are good?

    Didnt this offer only apply to certain stores last time... like geniune Panasonic retailers who charged the earth for them. TBH id get JohnLewis to pricematch either EmpireDirect or Sound&Vision(the cheapest) and get the free 5 year warranty thrown in like you say. This would be cheaper that buying through an official retailer.

    PS if it is LCD your after the Pannys are easily the best on the market atm and you wont be dissapointed !


    Yeah John Lewis give 5 years free anyway!Lol but are Panasonic TV's are … Yeah John Lewis give 5 years free anyway!Lol but are Panasonic TV's are good?

    panasonic tvs are one of the best, read so many postive reviews got one my self and everything panasonic that i have has lasted me a long time the vcr till this day works perfect which is 14 years old. so i can vouch for them.

    Original Poster

    It did only apply to certain stores but the store list (on the takemetohollywood website) incudes some empire direct ones and Richer Sounds. It would save having to get JL to pricematch and it would also be helpful to those who like to order from their local independent retailers....

    The op on the avforums mentioned that it is being applied to the 32" LCD he bought (TX32LMD70) so maybe the scheme is being extended to include LCDs.
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