If you're odering something big form Argos and live in a flat, beware...

Posted 18th Jun 2009
Ordered a washing machine for my son 3 weeks ago, told the guy on the Argos order line 3 times he lived in a 3rd floor flat and would that be a problem, was told 'no' everytime. So I also pay for their collect and connect, where they take the old machine away and connect up the new one

The van shows up and the guys off load the washer and ask where he wants it, he tells them the 3rd floor and they say, 'Naw mate, we don't go up more than 30 step.' and drive off (with the machine on the road outside his flat). And did I say it was raining ?

After a while he get a mate round to help him lug it up the stairs.
They get it in and connected (which you may remember I paid Argos to do) and it won't work.
The highly intelligent delivery guys have taken out the transit bolts while it was on the lorry and getting it up the stairs has stuffed the drum which now no longer goes round in a circle.

I call Argos and have a go, they say call the manufactures and they'll fix it. I call them and explain why it won't work and they say it wasn't installed right and they want nothing to do with it !

Back to Argos, they say their very sorry and will refund me the collect and connect fee and deliver and fit a new one with a different company.

All looking good. I had their refund cheque this morning... made out to someone else !

Why do I bother?

If you live in a flat I really can't recommend you buy from Argos. . .
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