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    My dad's on Orange broadband and was paying £17.99 a month for something like 2GB limit broadband. I phoned up and told them I was leaving to go to talktalk and they offered for the same £17.99 a month to put his speed up to 8mb, give him unlimited usage, a livebox which includes free anytime uk and orange mobile calls and they'd take over his line rental from BT all for the same price! So it's saving him £10.50 a month and he's getting a far better package. He had to agree to a new 18 month contract but he got a month free whilst he thought about it and didn't have to pay a connection charge or anything.

    I think Orange stink in terms of customer service but most companies do these days anyway, if you're staying with them anyway then it's worth a quick call to get a better package.

    Hope this helps someone.



    Yeh man, for 17.99 a month you were getting a **** deal! If anyone else has the same make sure you ring them

    I had something similar about 6 months ago...
    My bank account was low, so I bounced a payment by accident.
    They phoned me up and said "Please don't leave us!", upped my speed to 8MB, sent me a live box and knocked a fiver a month of my bill. :-D

    Had the same problem with Virgin...was paying around £40 before any phone calls a month, on a 2mbit connection plus TV and phone..decided to scour the web for better deals, called them up asked for the retention key as I had found a better offer of free unlimited calls , 8mbit connection and TV for £20..guy at Virgin gave me the same package for £20 price match but on condition I took a 1 year contract. I got the tips from MSE forums.

    Certainly pays to get clued up with them especially if you have been a long term customer.
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