If you're thinking about selling free sims.........

    Think again.....…stm



    You can't get naff all for the sims anyway!

    Mine will be going to charity.

    or do as i do give to my kids school for their fetes etc!!

    That's ridiculous. Next, you'll get arrested as a terrorist for buying a bag of fertilizer from your local garden centre :x
    Nonetheless, simcards are not worth the price of the ebay seller fees. Better to just give them to the charity shop.


    You can't get naff all for the sims anyway!Mine will be going to charity.

    Thats what I do too, charity shops are pleased with them

    It should be a crime to sell sims! Have you seen full retail for some of them? Vodafone used to knock them out at £29.99 a few moons ago and seem to think that £14.99 is now reasonable.

    You still see market traders around here flogging them at £12 a go. lol.

    Before I found this site, I actually paid £5 per sim and at the time I need 3, So £15 wasted!

    If you sell the SIM and keep a receipt and/or details of the buyer, you cant be charged for any criminal activities ur buyer engages. However, I prefer the SIMs to be given to Charity shop - they fetch an average of £3 each
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