iFrogz Luxe case for iPhone 3G

Been looking at reviews for cases and this one seems to come out on top, however I can't find it in stock anywhere at a decent price!

Play and Amazon both have them for around £10 but they're out of stock for 1-2months, there's some sellers on Amazon but they are around £19. Other sites I've found are

overstock.com - £35
iworld.co.uk - £25
appsprostore.com - £16

too expensive, appsprostore.com isn't too bad but sure I can get it cheaper elsewhere if play and Amazon do it for £10!

Any colours really, if I had the choice it would be green, orange, red, silver, blue in that order. I don't want clear or pink though.

If anyone can find this cheaper I'd be so grateful! If not then I'll resort to eBay, although they're all US sellers =[

Thanks =D


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I already came across mymemory but it isn't in stock =/ thought I had it on my list actually! Pitty, as everywhere that its cheap its out of stock! lol

Comes out at $21.98 delivered (inc $5.99 P&P) with the 20% sale discount, ordered directly from ][COLOR="Red"]iFrogz. [/COLOR][clickety-click]

I'd have no worries ordering from the States as they offer paypal or Goggle checkout as well as the usual payments methods.

Good luck

I have a Red/Black Luxe iFrogz case for sale, as new - I bought in error as I looked at one site which said it fits the iTouch but they only had the green so looked elsewhere & found the red one & just ordered it without reading the description but it doesn't fit the iTouch & I can't send it back as they advertised it for iPhone not the iTouch :-(

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