Found 23rd Jun 2006

Not having a good day

Checked my credit card this morning and there was an unknown transaction for £111.86 from IFUND-ACTION-TELLER.

When I phoned my CC people, they couldn't tell me the merchant it was taken by, just that it was a batting/gambling transaction.

The only one I've signed up to was for the £5 free bet with SKYBET last week, but I phoned them, and they said it definitely wasn't them.

I did sign up with paddypower in March, but checked my account there too. I google the IFUND thing and a load of poker sites are coming up, which I have no dealings with whatsoever.

I have canceled my credit card and am waiting 30 - 40 days for the bank to find out where it went and if I have to pay it :cry:
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Ouch that sounds very odd. Hope you get it sorted and it's not another breach of security when using card payments.

I'll do a search too.
I think this is to do with Paddy Power as I've found a couple of links between the two.

The ifund and Guardian Commerce address...


Guardian Commerce Ltd, Amory Building , Victoria Road, PO BOX 2058 ,
Basseterre , St-Kitts.
IFUND-ACTION TELLER” on your credit card statements. Financial transactions are processed through Guardian Commerce Ltd, Amory Building , Victoria Road, PO BOX 2058 ,
Basseterre , St-Kitts.
WHat does that mean Ray?
Well, it looks as if you might need to contact Paddy Power to find out if it's from them or find a telephone number for the Guardian Commerce address, as they're appearing on every poker site that uses ifund-action-teller.
I wrote my bank a letter immediately telling them that the debit was not authorised. Today it has been refunded into my account. Whoopeee!! Apparently they look at your transaction history and see if that type of transaction would be "in character" for you and make a decision based on that.
Bad they have no explanation of who did actually draw it though or the company it went to :roll:

Great you got it back anyway
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