Posted 20th Jul 2017
I am part of the IHG Rewards Club and have been for approx. 15 years. In my old job I accumulated approx. 37000 points for free hotel stays. I was sent written notification that those points will never expire.

I could never afford to go anywhere and only used the reward once but thought when I could afford it then I will use the points at that time.

I checked again in 2013 what my points were and it was confirmed.

It's my 50th this year and wanted to use those points for a trip to New York - been saving for two years and that was part of my costings (naive) - at least a couple of free rooms which would help the budget.

I contacted them in March to enquire about special deals and was told that all my points have been removed.

Apparently in 2015 they withdrew the 'never expire' policy but they never told me - I have not received any information from them by post and I would have spotted something that important in my emails even spam folder.

I have been in communication with them for a bit to resolve this and all the way to CEO but they have stated that their Terms of conditions are there and I should have logged on and found out about the removal of 'never expire' policy. There was no need for me to log on because I was not going to use them until this year and the documentation and telephone conversation I had with them previously gave me reassurance that points 'never expire'.

They have now stopped replying to my emails - I have been polite and kept matters to facts but I have no idea where to go with this, I really wanted to go to New York but that will not happen now.

I am pretty good at dealing with issues like this but this one is too close to the bone for me and need a bit of advice from the HUKD helpers. What can I do to get at least my points back and recover this situation?
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