iHotUKDeals iPhone app


    Am I being a noob or can I actually log into my account on this app ?

    Also a few questions about limera1n if you can be bothered ...

    Do jailbreaking with limera1n mean that it will be unlocked too ?

    Does this jailbreak mean that all apps will be free ?

    Does this slow the phone down or the internet down ?

    Thanks and rep


    I don't know what you think you know about limera1n but noone has said anything about it since april so I wouldn't hold your breath on limera1n being the iOS4 jailbreak.

    Google can help with general jailbreak questions too; do your own research on stuff, 'cos I have seen a lot of people spouting rubbish when answering questions on jailbreaks and the like.

    Maybe ask musclenerd a question or 2 on twitter about the new jailbreak. IMO the new jailbreak won't be out for a few days, or even may be delayed until a few days after the iphone 4 release for obvious reasons.

    ps. Don't forget to save your blobs for 3.1.3!

    I didnt even know there was a Hotukdeals iphone app! thanks


    I didnt even know there was a Hotukdeals iphone app! thanks

    Neithert did I:oops:

    Any Android support?


    Any Android support?

    switch him off and switch him back on again :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Sorry guys I forgot about this, has anyone figured out how to do it ?
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