Posted 9th Jan
Looking to buy a wardrobe from IKEA. Cost of wardrobe is only £100. My car isn’t big enough but I’m a bit loathed to pay £39 for delivery. 40% delivery charge seems a bit steep.

Does anyone know if there are any free delivery codes knocking about?

Thanks in advance guys
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man with a van might do it for £20
If it’s a regular size Pax wardrobe then you can fit them in estate car with the back seats folded down, could be worth seeing if anyone in your family with a suitable car fancies a trip there.
Could try hourly car/van hire.
Are you sure it won't fit in your car? If you have a hatchback just let it stick out the back with the boot tied down. Or if you have a banger just strap it to the roof, couple of decent ratchet straps should only cost a tenner.

I fitted two of these bad boys in my Alfa 147 sticking out the boot and drove 40 miles down the motorway.

As above, I’m guessing you’re after a multiple box wardrobe as like the person above I’ve managed a 201 height pax in a Clio with resting on dashboard and back seat
Do you live far from your local ikea, they do van hire for about 13 quid for the hour
All sorted now. Thank you for all the suggestions
Look on Argos. I wanted a wardrobe from Ikea. But wasn’t paying the £40 delivery. So went on Argos and got 20% off and delivery was £6.95. Saved a lot of money
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