Ikea bloodbath

    How many people died in the "hush hush" 21% off sale shenanigans ?

    If you were brave enough to go,queue for hours,fight and purchase Swedens top offerings,how did you fare ?


    i was going to go but by the time i was anywhere near ikea i turned around once i saw the queue of cars waiting to go into ikea (milton keynes)

    i went 6.30 this morning - im still alive to tell the tale

    my o/h wouldnt take me again about 11 oclock tonite - meanie!

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    Congrats on your 1000th post Holly !
    Did anyone (without a Swedish surname) actually benefit from this sale or was it a load of cobblers...........and fighting ?

    i went to coventry this afternoon - meatballs for a quid yumm


    i went to coventry this afternoon - meatballs for a quid yumm

    i got a free brekkie - 2 yes 2 pieces of bacon!!!! and my bargains

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    Yeah, cheapo munch PAH ! :w00t:
    Did you get some serious flatpack bargain action tho and if so how long will it take to assemble ?
    hi-tech crowd control device deployed.[/IMG]

    hes lovely


    Did you get some serious flatpack bargain action tho

    tahts sounds rather dirty :?

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    tahts sounds rather dirty :?

    Apologies.... it wasnt meant to.
    I suppose once everything is erected,well screwed,positioned correctly and hammered home... one could mistake cheap,interestingly named Swedish furniture for sexual imagery:p


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    As much as I like the leksvig,fartbog and skinbak range, Ikeas home delivery service is a joke,its pony....avoid like the plague......sorry if I sound slightly bitter, but they've made my life a misery for the last couple of months.If you're going to buy some cheap,Svenska gear,make sure you've got a big car :thumbsup:


    [/IMG]hes lovely

    I got my friends little boy one of them. Its lovely and he won't leave it alone lol


    [/IMG]hes lovely

    My youngest actually got the blue giraffe (your avatar holly100!)

    ikea was lovely at 7am-lol-in and out with me bargains!!

    Spoke to some people who braved it. Apparently wasn't that bad. Busy obviously, but more "January Sale" than "new store opening riot". I don't think it was all that well advertised (saw some print ads but nowt on TV).

    I was on Martin Lewis' tv show on Wednesday

    We were going to buy some wardrobes from there at some point, and decided the 21% was too good to turn down, so hired a van for the day. We did stock checks before we left, though we did expect for them to have changed by the time we got there from Southampton, was going to head straight for Lakeside store but they didn't have some bits, so went to Croydon.

    (I should explain at this point that we had a christening to go to in Billericay today, and were staying overnight in Brentwood last night, hence the ability to go traipsing around Ikea stores late at night!)

    We got to the Croydon store at 20:30, was utter madness - they had so many queuing at the checkouts they had to close the area downstairs for half an hour to ease it. Got all the doors, narrow frames, shelves and hinges we wanted, but out of stock of the main wider frames and drawers. Queues had died down a lot by this point, eventually got out at 22:10. And off to Lakeside we went.

    Arrived at Lakeside at 23:00, much more civilised, and although we knew there were some items that we couldn't get, we got virtually everything else. We even asked the lad doing our picking order if it was possible to buy a different colour of an item we wanted that was out of stock, and return it to change to the colour we need when they got them back in, so we could still take advantage of the discount. He thought they may charge full price on the replacement items, but then we worked out a way around it. Very helpful lad, many thanks to him!

    Midnight queues were busy, got out at 00:30(!), but having saved the best part of £200, it was more than worth it. The staff deserve a lot of credit for still being so upbeat despite still being inundated at closing. A lot of tired faces, but very helpful tired faces.

    We went to the Wembley branch at the "civilised" time of 9.30 - got parking quickly. Store was pretty busy - started to queue to order some wardrobes when a staff member suggested that if we knew what we wanted (we did) we should go to the kids department to order as the queue was shorter. Ordered ok. then went and shopped in the marketplace section. Hardly had to wait in the checkout queue. Arranged delivery of the wardrobe and even got home by 1pm!

    Mind you the delivery arrived the next day, but missing some items - guess what they were out of stock! (even though they were in stock when we ordered) anyway they arrived on Friday and we built them on Sat.

    Normally never go to Ikea on a weekend- but we saved almost £200 - so a productive Saturday...
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