Ikea cafe

    Quick question here as i want to take the small person there today.

    This offer they have on about having free food with price taken off your final bill at the furniture till, is it a minimum spend or furniture only?

    I want to buy some net curtains and a few bits and pieces like a new ice cream scoop maybe a bath mat and anything i get will be the super cheapest not expecting to spend more then about £20 on household bits, so does that count?

    Another question is about the meals the hotdog for example from the kids meal does it come with mustard and ketchup on or can i get it plan, same applies to other things do things like the dill sauce just come dumped on your plate without asking?

    Thank in advance please don't put this in ask section mods its normally the kiss of death for anything


    They come plain, You put your own sauce on.

    its not for purchases from the bistro
    but from the restaurant
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    We went we had fish and chips, i had beer, we bought stuff we paid £1.85 for the stuff. The end.
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